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Winter Makeup and Skincare Tips

Posted by Janis Williams on

by Katrina VanDoran, Makeup Coach

Winter makeup and skincare tips

Now that cold weather is here, you will need to change a few things.

This winter make-up is going to be very classic! Gone are the flashy colors of summer and in are winter hues of chocolate and shades of coffee for eyes, fresh berry's for lips and cheeks and matte finishes.

To achieve your elegant winter look we recommend the following:

FACE - Start with using gentle cleansers to protect your face from the harsh cold. BNY has several cleansers made especially for your skin type.  Try our Sensitive Skin Cleansing Cream as a mild, creamy cleanser created specifically for sensitive skin. This soap free, non-abrasive formula deeply cleanses without causing any irritation.  Aloe and Chamomile work in tandem to soothe and calm your skin.  Ideal for sensitive skin  One of the main reasons makeup won’t work in winter is due to dry dehydrated skin. The constant change in temperatures has a major impact on your skin and can easily leave your skin lacking hydration. This cleanser will not strip your skin of its natural protections.

Winter Makeup and Skincare Tips

 For a protective face cream we suggest Bren’s Green Tea.  It provides the best combination of soothing relief for dryness and discoloration with advanced firming and hydration for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and for tightening loose or sagging skin. The cream's purpose is to prevent water loss from the skin.  A jar will last you the entire winter and leave you radiant for the spring!


Mint Green Color Corrector


Hide the redness :  If you do get caught out in the cold from skiing or playing in the snow and your face is red and inflamed, you can easily hide this by using a green corrector. The redness is concealed by the green (mint) corrector.  Color Correctors work to counteract specific flaws in facial complexions. Our cream formula hides imperfections, evens out skin tones and covers blemishes.  Contains Vitamin E.

When your skin is sensitive and dry, it’s better to ease up on product use. A little blush or bronzer on your cheeks will do, but really, the rosy redness from the cold weather will go a long way naturally. Focus on your eyes, using waterproof mascara to make them pop while not crying black tears from the wind hitting your face, strong brows, and a simple eye shadow.  If your makeup often rubs off onto your scarf, hat or coat, try this trick to help it stay put: Apply a layer of Two Way Foundation, which is less messy than loose powder. It will help keep makeup on your face, which is where you want it.