Specializing in beauty for a beautiful you!
Specializing in beauty for a beautiful you!
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Concealers | Makeup Bren New York Cosmetics

Concealers can be your best friend of your worse enemy.  Different texture concealers are used on different areas, so it is important to match the texture with the problem.  A concealer used to cover dark under eye circles should always be moist and creamy where as a concealer to cover a blemish should be drier so that the concealer can adhere better to the area.

Stick Concealers are a full-coverage and vary in dryness and texture.  These concealers will cover everything from dark circles, prominent blemishes and most skin discolorations.  

Compact Concealers are similar to stick concealers in terms of full-coverage.  However, these are typically formulated with moisturizing ingredients and not as thick.  These types of concealers can help to conceal any flaw or blemish you may want to hide.