Specializing in beauty for a more beautiful you!
Specializing in beauty for a more beautiful you!
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Sale Colosé Foundation | Makeup 50% Off
Sale Colosé Foundation | Makeup 50% Off shade dore
Sale Colosé Foundation | Makeup 50% Off shade safari
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Sale Colosé Foundation | Makeup 50% Off

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Colosé Foundation Makeup
Sale 50% Off

Foundation creams are improved copies of long used stage make-up. Our choice of foundation colors makes it possible to have a great variety available for day as well as evening use. The slightly colored Colosé foundation creams give facial skin an even and long-lasting toning, similar to a "tan". It is at the same time a make-up base. The toning must be suited to your natural skin tone. Only a small amount is needed in a very thin layer.

In the daytime, only slightly colored foundation creams should be used and in the evening deeper colors. The toning should be coordinated with your other color effects, mainly your eyes and eyelids. All foundation creams contain coloring, which should not penetrate the skin. They should, on the contrary, only adhere to the top surface, from which it should be easy to remove. Any absorption of coloring must be prevented. Thus, the base for the Colosé foundation creams was chosen in such a way as to make absorption of the colors through the skin very difficult. It adheres very well and gives a soft shimmering look to your complexion.

The cream was specially formulated to prevent the pores of the skin from becoming clogged. The foundation cream (Fond de teint) can easily be powdered over and at night be totally removed by our makeup remover.


After application of a day cream, apply foundation by dotting on nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. The dots should now be blended over the entire face up to the hairline, under the tip of the nose and feathered onto the throat to avoid a "high water " mark. Use sparingly, especially around the eye area. 1.7 oz All skin types.

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